Updated on May 11, 2022


If you’re planning to apply for an Indonesian work visa, please be sure that you have already joined an institution for a position. To work in Indonesia, you need to have a sponsor (employer) in Indonesia who will provide you with sponsorship for a work visa, for this case is Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW).

Once you become a member of UKSW either a faculty member or a staff, the International Office of UKSW (BKHI) will assist you to process the work permit and visa.

Please be noticed that the work permit and visa application process (often referred to as KITAS) is long and bureaucratic, and it can take up to several months.

The procedure for applying for a work permit and visa is as follows.



Processing Time: 3 Months

  1. Expatriate Placement Plan (Rencana Penempatan Tenaga Kerja Asing/RPTKA)
    Processing Time: 1 Month 

    UKSW has to obtain approval to hire you from the Indonesian government. This generally means UKSW has to prove why UKSW needs to hire you over an Indonesian citizen.
  2. Permission to Employ Foreign Workers (Izin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing/Notifikasi/IMTA)
    Processing Time: 1 Month
    This application is also submitted to the Ministry of Manpower. Before the application, you have to submit the required documents for the application, such as work and education certificates, passport copies, etc. The Notifikasi/IMTA is the only authority that allows you to legally work in UKSW.
  3. Telex Visa/ Visa Authorization
    Processing Time: 2 weeks

    Visa authorization or telex visa is a pre-approval letter issued by the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration.
  4. Limited Stay Visa
    Processing Time: 2 Weeks
    Duration of Stay/Validity: 30 days upon your arrival to Indonesia; it must be converted to e-KITAS within these 30 days.

Required Documents for Work Visa 

    1. Scanned passport that must be valid for at least another 18 months (cover and bio page)
    2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) which includes your past working experiences in the relevant fieldwork.
    3. Academic certificate(s) or diploma(s) written in English or Indonesian.
    4. Recommendation letter from the latest/previous employer
    5. Health Insurance
    6. Certificate of health from the local doctor in English
    7. Passport photo
    8. Bank Statement (with a minimum balance of USD 2,000) in English
    9. Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination  (2 doses)
    10. Statement letter of the local police report (never involved in criminal activities) in English.
    11. Statement letter to follow Health Protocol and to do a Self Quarantine (template)
    12. If you are bringing family members with you, please kindly submit the required documents as follows:
      • Scan of passports of the family members
      • Certificate of Marriage for spouse (in English or Indonesian)
      • Certificate of Birth for children (in English or Indonesian)
      • Family Card Registration

All processes of Work Permit and Visa will be assisted by BKHI UKSW.


    1. Temporary Stay Permit Card (Kartu Izin Tinggal Sementara/KITAS)
      Processing Time: 2 weeks
      You are required to report to
       the Office of Cooperation and International Relations (BKHI) at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) (Address: Jl. Diponegoro No. 52-60, Salatiga, Central Java; Google Maps: click here) maximum of one week upon your arrival in Salatiga, Indonesia.  To start the process of converting your VITAS into e-KITAS, including filling out the forms, compiling the required documents, and delivering them to the immigration office, BKHI will be assisting you to do this process. This process is MANDATORY because VITAS will expire 30 days after your arrival. It means you will stay in the country illegally (overstay) if you do not immediately convert it to e-KITAS. e-KITAS is an electronic identity card for a limited stay in Indonesia. After you arrive in Salatiga with VITAS, BKHI UKSW will assist you to convert your VITAS to e-KITAS. Validity period: 6 months or 1 year


    1. Completed immigration forms (in Bahasa Indonesia, will be filled by BKHI UKSW)
    2. Sponsor Letter from the Head of BKHI UKSW (provided by BKHI UKSW)
    3. Passport and the copy of passport relevant pages
    4. Copy of visa/VITAS
    5. Copy of RPTKA and Notifikasi/IMTA
    6. Power of Attorney letter that authorizes BKHI UKSW officer to process KITAS
    7. Copy of Sponsor ID card
    8. Copy of BKHI Officer ID card
      Procedure: Wherever you go, you can show this e-KITAS to Immigration officers or other authorities without the obligation of keeping the physical card that is prone to getting lost.
      Procedure :


If you stay in Indonesia for a more extended period than the validity of your visa or stay permit, it is considered an overstay.


    1. You entered Indonesia on the 1st of August using the visa on arrival, valid for 30 days. It means that the validity will be until the 30th of August, and each day after that date would count as an overstay.
    2. You entered Indonesia on the 1st of August using VITAS, valid for 30 days. Until the 30th day of your stay, you have not started processing the conversion of your VITAS to e-KITAS. As long as you do not process your e-KITAS, each day after the visa expiration would count as an overstay.

If the overstay is 60 days or less, the consequence is paying a fine. As of the 2016 regulation, the fine is IDR 1,000,000 per day. In addition, if the overstay exceeds 60 days, there might also be a further investigation from Immigration, deportation, inclusion on the denied list to re-enter Indonesia in a certain period, and other unfavorable consequences.

WARNING: Failure to fulfill the above administrative process and all the consequences of overstaying will be your responsibility. Please consult with BKHI UKSW should you have any inquiries regarding visa and immigration matters

  1. Police Registration Letter (Surat Tanda Melapor/ STM)

Processing Time: 1 week

This letter is issued by Indonesian Police to record foreigners’ stay in Indonesia. STM is used to extend a study permit, apply for a new letter of domicile, extend SKTT, and apply for a driving license.

BKHI UKSW will assist all international students studying at UKSW to apply for this letter at Salatiga Police Station.

  1. Letter of Domicile 

Processing Time: depending on your situation

Letter of Domicile is issued by your local village (Kelurahan) in Salatiga that states that you temporarily reside in the mentioned address in the card. This letter is one of the requirements to apply for a new e-KITAS, new SKTT, and extend SKTT. To get this letter, you must get approval from your landlord, the Head of your Neighborhood Community Unit (RT & RW), and your Head of Village (Kelurahan) in Salatiga.

It is your responsibility to obtain this letter. Should you be in doubt about the process, please consult  BKHI.

Extending Your Stay

  1. Temporary Residential Card (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal/ SKTT)

Processing Time: 2 weeks

A temporary Residential Card (Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal/SKTT) is an identification card issued by the local Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) in Salatiga. SKTT is one of the requirements for e-KITAS Extension.

BKHI UKSW will assist all international students studying at UKSW to apply for this card.

  1. e-KITAS Extension

Processing Time: 1 week

BKHI UKSW will assist all international students studying at UKSW to apply for this card.

Please apply for your e-KITAS Extension one month before the expiry date.


  1. Sponsor letter for e-KITAS Extension (from BKHI UKSW)
  2. Copy of sponsor ID (provided by BKHI UKSW)
  3. Letter for study permit extension (provided by BKHI UKSW)
  4. SKTT
  5. Copy of Passport, sticker visa, and the latest e-KITAS
  6. Academic Transcript from your faculty
  7. Two photos of 3×4 cm (with red background)
  8. Completed PerDim forms at the Immigration Office (will be done by BKHI UKSW)

You should submit all of these documents together with BKHI UKSW.

Leaving Indonesia

  1. Exit Permit Only (EPO)

Processing Time: 3 days

e-KITAS holders must apply for EPO (Exit Permit Only) before leaving Indonesia. EPO will inactivate your e-KITAS, and therefore you will need a new visa to enter the country in the future.

EPO must be processed immediately before your departure date. You can start processing your EPO one week (maximum) before your departure date.


  1. Original Passport
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of passport page with your e-KITAS stamp
  4. Printed e-KITAS
  5. Copy of flight ticket leaving Indonesia
  6. Immigration forms (available at the Immigration Office)
  7. Sponsor letter (from BKHI UKSW)
  8. Copy of Sponsor ID

Once you submit all these documents, you will be handed a receipt with the pick-up date on it. On the stated date, go back to Immigration Office, and BKHI UKSW will help you pick up your Passport with an EPO stamp. Check the stamp to ensure that it is the correct date of your departure.

Necessary: You must leave Indonesian territory within seven days after receiving the EPO stamp in your Passport. A more extended stay in Indonesia might give you overstay charges from the Immigration Office.