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The purpose of the Student Buddies program is to help the international students coming to UKSW to know more about Salatiga, UKSW, and all its facilities and to get all the daily life necessities and to know where to have & order food and drinks for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The UKSW student buddies will also prepare and do airport pickups for UKSW international students, from the nearest airport to Salatiga. There will also be other cultural activities that can be joined by both the international students and also the UKSW student buddies.

The UKSW International Student Buddies are specifically trained and prepared by the UKSW International Office (BKHI UKSW) to handle and to mingle with International Students in UKSW.

In addition to having new international friends and learning the culture and habits from other countries, the UKSW student buddies will get certificates for joining the International Student Buddies Training Program before they are eligible to meet and know international friends studying at UKSW.

The UKSW International Student Buddies Training was successfully held on 1,2, 16, and 18-23 November 2019, and 10 (ten) UKSW students were selected to be the UKSW Student Buddies for International Students coming to UKSW.

For more details about theĀ Student Buddies Program please do not hesitate to contact: