Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) has various research centers. Here is a list of our research centers:

  1. Center For Micro and Small Enterprise Dynamics (CEMSED)
  2. Video, Image, and Signal Processing (ViSio)
  3. Natural Resource and Environment Research Center (Pusdi Baling)
  4. Center for the Study of Religion, Pluralism, and Democracy (PusAPDem)
  5. Anti Corruption and Good Governance
  6. Study Center for Multidisciplinary Applied Research and Technology SeMARTy & Good Governance
  7. Tropical Mitigation Information and Modeling Systems (SIMITRO)
  8. Science, Technology, And Mathematics Education (E-Sistem)
  9. Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS)
  10. Heritage Nusantara
  11. Disaster Center of Satya Wacana (DCSW)
  12. Center for Public Accountability (CPA)
  13. Artificial Intelligence Research
  14. Business Digital Research Center
  15. Information Technology Governance and Management
  16. Integrated Village Empowerment (Puspadeta)
  17. Karotenoid dan Antioksidan
  18. Tropical Wheat
  19. Center for Integral Rural Empowerment Study (Cires)
  20. Educational Policy in Master of Education Management
  21. Family Businesses
  22. Data Analytics and Intelligent Systems
  23. Center for Constitutional Law and Theory
  24. Law of Economics
  25. Human Capital Development
  26. Eastern Region of Indonesia Study Center (PSKTI)
  27. Creative Multimedia
  28. Satya Wacana Peace Center

For more information about our research center, or if you are interested in one or more fields of research that are available at UKSW, please directly contact the Office of Research and Publications UKSW (BPP UKSW) via email: bpp@uksw.edu.