Hult Prize Logo

The Hult Prize is an annual, year-long competition that crowd-sources ideas from college students after challenging them to solve a pressing social issue around topics such as food security, water access, energy, and education.

It was founded by Ahmad Ashkar and is funded by Bertil Hult, founder of EF Education First. The Prize is a partnership between Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation.

With a US$1,000,000 global startup prize as its anchor activity, the Hult Prize has brought impact-focused programs, events, and training to over a million students globally, creating a pathway for youth everywhere to take action to build a better world.

Basic requirements to join the Hult Prize Competition: an active Student or a recent Alumnus of UKSW, ability to communicate in English, ability to work in a group, has leadership values, and ability to create new startup business ideas, that can help to achieve the SDGs.

For more information on this program, please do not hesitate to contact them via email at or via Instagram: hultprizeatuksw.