The cooperation between Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW) and Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) through the student encounter program, known as East Asia Student Encounter (EASE) started in UKSW, Salatiga in July – August 1977. Since then, the EASE program has been conducted annually in Indonesia and Japan. Every even year, the program is held in Indonesia and hosted by UKSW. Every odd year, the program takes place in Japan and organized by KGU. This year UKSW will host the EASE 40th program.
For both universities, UKSW and KGU, the EASE program is one of the oldest international programs, and it still serves its purpose and mission to work on the peace of the world. Therefore, as a form of gratitude to God for this EASE program and to commemorate the 40 years of peace and understanding between students of the two universities and two countries, and to set the foundation in strengthening the cooperation between UKSW and KGU, EASE 40th Anniversary monument will be built in UKSW campus. This monument is expected to symbolize the efforts of these two institutions through the EASE program and its alumni, in building world peace.

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The funding for the construction of the monument is fully supported by EASE alumni. Alumni can donate individually or collectively with their friends in one year. All donations can be transferred to:
Bank BCA Salatiga
Account Name: Johnson Dongoran
Account Number: 0 1 3 1 0 8 0 3 8 6
Please include your name and EASE year and email your proof of transfer to nova@staff.uksw.edu (Ms . Nova)

We need your help to raise funds of 9450 USD for the construction of the EASE Monument.

As Vincent Van Gogh once said, ‘Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.’

Johnson Dongoran 1,000,000 IDR
Jurefa Dongoran 500,000 IDR
Victor Sinulingga 1,000,000 IDR
Jekson Saba Kulla 2,000,000 IDR
Christian Rudianto 500,000 IDR
Cancio Xavier 1,000,000 IDR
Chodidah Budi Rahardjo 1,000,000 IDR
Marcus W. Mirino 900,000 IDR
Martha Nandari 2,000,000 IDR
I Nyoman Adi Cahyana Putra 500,000 IDR
Timothy J. Daun 500,000 IDR
EASE 1997ers 3,500,000 IDR*
Benita Eka Arijani 2,000,000 IDR
Melany Kusumawati Gigir 1,000,000 IDR
EASE 1988ers 1,000,000 IDR*
Nugraheni Widyawati 300,000 IDR
Lumpat Siagian 400,000 IDR*
Susi Yamano & Takahiro Yamano 1,000,000 IDR
Koko Subianko 1,000,000 IDR
Shinpei Segawa 30,000 JPY
Yasuyo Tominaga 5,000 JPY
Kazuko Ueda 20,000 JPY
Yoshio Awamura 100,000 JPY
Nobukazu Tanii 50,000 JPY
Akihiko Yasuda 50,000 JPY
Masayuki Yoshida 10,000 JPY
Yutaka Sawamura 20,000 JPY
Kazuo Hiramatsu 100,000 JPY
Koichi Kawamura 10,000 JPY
Miki Hasegawa 5,000 JPY
Miwa Fujioka 5,000 JPY
Shoko Kikkawa 5,000 JPY
Toshiyuki Sawatani 10,000 JPY
Aiko Kida 10,000 JPY
Eiko Ohta 10,000 JPY
Wataru Ogura 100 USD
Takeo Matsubara 2,000,000 IDR
Celcius Akwan 1,000,000 IDR
Christantius Dwiatmadja 1,000,000 IDR*
Sunarsih La Rangka 10,000,000 IDR
Viva Ina Pasaribu 1,000,000 IDR
Yuko Hama 10,000 JPY
Hadi 1,000,000 IDR
Yustina Ries Sunar 1,680,000 IDR
Dewi Purwaningsih 1,000,000 IDR
EASE 2012ers 1,500,000 IDR
Debie Sadikun 1,000,000 IDR
Yoshifumi Murase 1,000,000 IDR
Kristanto Djuanda 500,000 IDR
Kazuya Nakayama 2,000,000 IDR
Kahoru Masuko 500,000 IDR
Etsuko Honda 500,000 IDR
Evelyn Mariman 500,000 IDR
EASE 2013ers 500,000 IDR
EASE 2014ers 1,500,000 IDR
Lina Sinatra 500,000 IDR
Roos Kities Andadari 500,000 IDR
EASE 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009 4,100,000 IDR*
Andriani Karyanto 50,000 IDR
TOTAL 54,880,000 IDR + 450,000 JPY + 100 USD

7988 USD

*This is not the final amount.

Thank you for your donation.

EASE 40th Anniversary and Reunion (AUGUST 2017)

FINAL PROGRAM RUNDOWN EASE 40th Anniversary & Reunion

The EASE 40th Anniversary and Reunion was held on August 18 and 19, 2017 at Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana (UKSW), Salatiga.

There were many exciting activities including cultural performances, EASE 40th Anniversary Lecture by Dr. Willi Toisuta, a panel Session by the Rector of KGU, and the Rector of UKSW, Alumni Dinner, and EASE 40th Celebration.

The Registration Fee for the EASE 40th Anniversary & Reunion is IDR 300.000 for alumni and IDR 250.000 for each family member.

Do you want to know who are already registered for the EASE 40th Anniversary and Reunion? Down here is the list of participants:

Novasari Linda Jeany 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015 Co-Leader (UKSW)
Johnson Dongoran 1980

1997, 2008

Participant (UKSW)

Leader (UKSW)

Frances Sinanu 2000, 2001

2006, 2007

Participant  (UKSW)

Leader (UKSW)

Petrus Ari Santoso 1997


Participant (UKSW)

Leader (UKSW)

Edward Ngguso 2007, 2008 Participant (UKSW)
Rambu Pedi Ngara Dian Widi Sasanti 1994 Participant (UKSW)
Melany Kusumawati Gigir 1993 Participant (UKSW)
Sherly Toding 2000 Participant (UKSW)
I Nyoman Budi Hartawan 1997 Participant (UKSW)
Veronica Sulistyawati Tandyo 1983, 1984 Participant (UKSW)
Andiline Thea Pranasari 2015, 2016 Participant (UKSW)
Aurelia Melinda Herka Puspita 2014, 2015 Participant (UKSW)
Noveliana Isabel Li 2015 Participant (UKSW)
Fanny Santoso 1985, 1986 Participant (UKSW)
Christintya Nuarika 2015 Participant (UKSW)
Sarah Devina 2015, 2016 Participant (UKSW)
Takeo Matsubara 1979 Participant (KGU)
Kristanto Djuanda 1988 Participant (UKSW)
Daniel Yulian 2010, 2011 Participant (UKSW)
Cinthya Yustesia 2000 Participant (UKSW)
Stanley Deddy Dwitama 2009, 2010 Participant (UKSW)
Etsuko Honda 1992, 1993 Participant (KGU)
Kyoko Matsuoka 1991, 1992 Participant (KGU)
Elva Pauline Yustisia Rafael 2008 Participant (UKSW)
Shasda Madona 1993, 1994 Participant (UKSW)
Hadi 1991 Participant (UKSW)
Edwin Julianus Sebayang 1992 Participant (UKSW)
Yukiko Umemoto 1992, 1993 Participant (KGU)
Sunarsih La Rangka 1984 Participant (UKSW)
Dewi Purwaningsih 1990, 1991 Participant (UKSW)
Debie Sadikun 1993, 1994 Participant (UKSW)
Timothy J. Daun 1996 Participant (UKSW)
Hartanto Tan 1991 Participant (UKSW)
Norihisa Tsubota 1992 Participant (KGU)
Ardiyarso Kurniawan 2012 Participant (UKSW)
Shinta Labdhawara 2003 Participant (UKSW)
Cancio Xavier 1995, 1996 Participant (UKSW)
Kei Shiho 2011, 2012 Leader (KGU)
Siti Irianti 1985, 1986 Participant (UKSW)
Sita Rianasari 1997 Participant (UKSW)
Wataru Ogura 1995 Participant (KGU)
Victor Sinulingga 1994 Participant (UKSW)
Yustina Ries Sunarti 1991, 1992 Participant (UKSW)
Celsius Akwan 1978 Participant (UKSW)
Koko Subianko 1980 Participant (UKSW)
Novi Bintari Kusumaningtyas 1997 Participant (UKSW)
Nelce Manoppo 1980, 1981, 1982 Participant (UKSW)
Miktami Christofen Tang 2016 Participant (UKSW)
Chodidah Budi Rahardjo 1979 Participant (UKSW)
Ester Theodora Gigir 1988 Participant (UKSW)
Daniel D Kameo 1977 Participant (UKSW)
Daniel Nuhamara 1977, 1978

1985, 1990

Participant (UKSW)

Leader (UKSW)

Lya Endah Purnomosari 2000 Participant (UKSW)
Yukiko Umemoto 1992, 1993 Participant (KGU)
Kazuya Nakayama 1980 Participant (KGU)
Julian Abednego Wibisono 2016 Participant (UKSW)
Emmy Liana Dewi 1979 Participant (UKSW)
Indra Aditya Kartika 1997, 1998 Participant (UKSW)
Banagave 1996 Participant (UKSW)
Nozomi Sugahara 2003, 2004 Participant (KGU)
Yutaka Sawamura 1984, 1985 Participant (KGU)
Marcus W. Mirino 1980 Participant (UKSW)
Benita Eka Arijani 1978, 1979 Participant (UKSW)
Maasa Yamamoto 2003, 2004 Participant (KGU)
Ferronica Koesoemo Putri 1993 Participant (UKSW)
Nobukazu Tanii KGU
Willi Toisuta 1978 Leader (UKSW)
Martha Nandari 1982 Participant (UKSW)
Theo Litaay 1992 Participant (UKSW)
Hagusa Masahiro 2005, 2006 Participant (KGU)
Ananda Windaniella Onthoni 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Rena Okamura 2017 Participant (KGU)
Anastasia Theresia Puspasari 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Yuto Iwasaki 2017 Participant (KGU)
Benjamin Carlos Fuah 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Rei Tsujimoto 2016, 2017 Participant (KGU)
Defrina Martha Widyawati 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Yuto Nakashima 2017 Participant (KGU)
Dylan Jos Ocktavian Sokoy 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Nonoka Sugihara 2017 Participant (KGU)
I Gusti Nyoman Eduard Valentino Arnawa 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Takeaki Iwata 2017 Participant (KGU)
Kania Pricilia Ndaparoka 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Miki Fukunaga 2017 Participant (KGU)
Rammy Inkenny Immanuel Ndaparoka 2016, 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Honoka Ochi 2017 Participant (KGU)
Ramond Wiranata Jeujanan 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Hikari Nishimura 2017 Participant (KGU)
Rani Laksmita 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Koki Nomura 2017 Participant (KGU)
Syarlota Pandiri 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Ayaka Kuwahara 2017 Participant (KGU)
Yunita Rosa Maria Fakdawer 2017 Participant (UKSW)
Naho Sugiyama 2017 Participant (KGU)
Stefanus C. Relmasira 2017 Co-Leader (UKSW)
Saori Nakagawa 2017 Co-Leader (KGU)
Titi Susilowati Prabawa 2017 Leader (UKSW)
Yoshifumi Murase 2017 Leader (KGU)
Erik Meza Nusantara 2004 Participant (UKSW)
Fanisha Yulianti 2004 Participant (UKSW)
Jefriyono Timang 2003, 2004 Participant (UKSW)
Lenny Merryana 2003 Participant (UKSW)
Dian Lestari 2003 Participant (UKSW)
Tony Anandya 2007, 2008 Participant (UKSW)
Niki Ayu Kusuma 2007 Participant (UKSW)
Riandi 2013, 2014 Participant (UKSW)
Carolina Ida F 1998 Participant (UKSW)
Eko Deddy Haryanto 1980


Participant (UKSW)

Co-Leader (UKSW)

Laurentia Prabaniardi Kartikasari 2003, 2004 Participant (UKSW)
Fransiska Ihalauw 1992 Participant (UKSW)
Christantius Dwiatmadja 1980


1991, 1992

Participant (UKSW)

Co-Leader (UKSW)

Leader (UKSW)

Takeshi Shibanuma 1991 Participant (KGU)
Susilowati Yamano 1986


Participant (UKSW)

Co-Leader (UKSW)

Kahoru Masuko 1996, 1997 Participant (KGU)
Adhitya Eka Prakarti 2010 Participant (UKSW)
Hari Sunarto 1989 Leader (UKSW)
Yoki Yohandi 2014, 2015 Participant (UKSW)
Stevan Poragilino Ruutana 2007, 2008 Participant (UKSW)
Yosefina Infairyo Mirino 2014 Participant (UKSW)
Lieli Suharti 1985 Participant (UKSW)
Evelyn Mariman 1980 Participant (UKSW)
Ramo Sumolang 1977, 1979, 1980 Participant (UKSW)
Matias H. W. Budhiantho 2002, 2003 Leader (UKSW)
Philipus Pirenomulyo 1982, 1989 Leader (UKSW)
Hadi Suryo 1978 Participant (UKSW)
Edo Kristian 2005 Participant (UKSW)
Nanik Priyanti 2013, 2014 Participant (UKSW)
Suzanna Andriani 1987 Leader (UKSW)
Hauwi Budi Sabekti W 1982 Participant (UKSW)
Tri Rahayu 1998 Participant (UKSW)
Viva Ina A Pasaribu 1991,1992 Co-Leader (UKSW)
Lany Kristono 1985 Participant (UKSW)

EASE Alumni

Have you ever joined the EASE Program Before?

If  YES  is your answer then please make sure you are already registered as EASE ALUMNI through down here: