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How to apply:

Student Exchange Program  for partner universities.

  1. Download & complete the Student Exchange Application Form
  2. and email it here

  3. Attach the Color Scanned Files of these following documents to your application:
      • Academic Transcript
      • Senior High School Diploma
      • Letter of Recommendation from the Rector/President of your University, the Dean of your Faculty, the Director of The International Office or other Administrators at your University
      • Certificate of Health
      • Curriculum Vitae
      • Color Copy of Passport (all pages)
      • Letter of Permit to Study in Indonesia
      • Passport Photos

Download the Student Exchange Application Form



For shorter stays you can come on a socio-cultural visa, and for longer stays you should obtain a student visa.

Once you have been accepted to study at UKSW, we can guide you and give you information about how to apply for the appropriate visa.


Most students choose to stay in a boarding house as they are comfortable and affordable, and you can come and go as you please.

However, there is also an option to stay with a host family if you want to really experience Indonesian everyday life.

Another alternative for longer stays is to rent a house. We can help you explore your options.

Life in Salatiga

Salatiga is green and clean!  It is a small, friendly university town and it will be very easy for you to find your way around. It is located in the foothills of Mt Merbabu, thus the climate is less hot and humid than in most other places in Indonesia.

Salatiga is also a very safe place, away from the usual places at risk of security threats.

There are lots of activities for you as a student on campus, organized by student organisations. Maybe you would like to join a music group or a dance group? In Salatiga itself you will find many swimming pools, gyms and other sport facilities. You can also go hiking, trekking and exploring. The scenery is stunning! Salatiga is particularly known for its waterfalls and natural springs. If you are an adrenalin junkie there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy your cravings! The food scene is varied with exotic cuisine from many different Indonesian areas. For the coffee and tea lover there is an abundance of choices from all corners of the country.

Life in Salatiga is relaxed and easy going. However, if, or when, you want to experience big city life, you can easily visit nearby Yogyakarta, everyone’s favourite city where it’s all happening; the cultural hub and batik capital Solo and the province capital, Semarang.

Student support

There is a special room dedicated to the use of international students. There you will find computers, a scanner and  a printer. There is space dedicated to work or to conduct meetings, as well as a cozy and comfortable lounge area where you can have a chat with your friends.

UKSW are here for you!  Whatever your need is, we will look after you.


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