Programs for International Students

UKSW is a comprehensive university offering a range of study options in English, from short 2-week courses to full degree programs. We are very flexible in catering to all your needs, always providing education of the highest standards.

UKSW is also an extremely affordable alternative. You will soon notice that academic fees as well as living costs are much lower than most comparable options in other countries.

However, in addition to academic benefits, your UKSW experience would entail so much more! Indonesian culture is vibrant and engaging. You will be captivated by the exotic fragrances, colours, sounds and tastes. People are amazingly friendly. The food is delicious.  The pace is relaxed and the life style easy going.

Salatiga is a small and friendly university town. It will be easy for you to make new friends, and take part in lots of activities with them if you so like, or alternatively, just take it easy, sit around and have a chat.

Your UKSW experience will give you valuable academic credits, knowledge and skills, and it will also become a memory you will continue to treasure.

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